“For Trans and Enby cuties & the squirrels who love them”  ︎

Body Hack is a collectively run happy hour and mutual aid project that serves simultaneously as a community space and decentralized fundraising platform for trans and nonbinary BIPOC initiatives.

Originally a happy hour for trans and nonbinary people set in a tiny Brooklyn dive bar, Body Hack has grown into a transnational project seeking to model a world where trans communities can thrive interdependently. Now a collective, Body Hack throws parties in-person and virtually over Zoom, creating dedicated spaces for trans people to gather, celebrate, and extend support to one another. Each party doubles as a fundraiser for a trans-related initiative, raising over $175k across 28 events in the last three years.

Currently, the organizers at Body Hack are working to provide more workshops and intensives for community members interested in learning about decentralized fundraising, with the goal of making this critical form of mutual aid a more accessible skill set within trans communities.  

Art Direction, Design, Motion/Animation, Production 

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