“The official app of Fashion Week worldwide” ︎

HEED was a joint venture created by data analytic AGT International
and WME | IMG, HEED utilizing the Internet of Thing the most
powerful way to connect people and devices in the age of social media
– to amplify the pulse of the crowd and pull you into live action in a
way that has never been done before. With its proprietary approach,
HEED provides unbridled opportunities to engage wit the world's
biggest events, providing previously imperceptible information and
insights about human emotion, energy, and  engagement of
models, designers, and spectators.

Powered by venue and audience data, HEED used IoT sensors
to knock down the divide between spectator and talent, adding
a whole new dimension to the fan experience with fully
automated and tailored content and video. From the
front row or the couch, HEED gots you closer, delivering
fans the content they want, when they want it, in real time,
creating an emotional experience like never before.

Sister social accounts @nyfw + @fashionweek

Art Direction, Design,Production